Covid19 In Cuba-A Student’s Perspective

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I hope this email finds you in good health. I was hesitant to write on this matter since our scholarships are on the line but after the last few articles published I realized the lack of empathy shown by our representatives in Cuba and at home.

It saddens me that we CARICOM students are made out as liars and troublemakers when they speak out on the matter.

Currently, there are shortages across Cuba is food, basics hygiene products and produce. Similar to what is happening across the globe, there are line 2-8 hours long to enter these buildings.

The shelves are always stocked with wine, rum, spirits but lack the basic necessities, soap, detergent, feminine hygiene products, rice , milk, pasta , meats etc. I don’t usually eat on campus but I’ve heard many students complain about the rice , pig head and bean water soup for lunch and dinner. Many of us decide to buy food off campus but even these food places are starting to feel the effects of the food shortages.

It is important to note that a lot of the remaining necessities such as soap and toothpaste are now being sold from the bodegas in the communities of which no foreigner has access to and while the shops on campus are supposed to supply students, there has been an increasing amount of Cuban workers and even residents of the community coming in to but food or even have first access to chicken when it is brought in.

 As a result of this many students have gone without and are infuriated. Often times the grocery shelves in Santiago are empty and the food has to be rationed. Some places students are been denied access to food and have been accused of bringing COVID19 to Cuba.

It is also important to note that school has not returned to normal as indicated by the ambassador.

We do agree that we are here for a greater purpose but we have to take the psychological effects of this pandemic into account.

With overcrowding at the schools, poor hygiene practices by staff, multiple rumours of suspected cases on campus and sometimes lack of water in the school’s island-wide, some do believe that this is a breeding ground for the spread of the virus. We are anxious and concerned.

Concerned CARICOM National

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